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Easy to apply. Quick to cure. Resistant to mold and mildew growth.

Ensure a clean, long-lasting seal in kitchens and bathrooms with TOSSEAL 83 AMB (antimicrobial and antifungal grade) one-part oxime silicone sealant.

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Say goodbye to cracked, separated, and dried-out seals. TOSSEAL 83 AMB sealant is designed to endure years of exposure without losing its efficacy. No matter the conditions, the silicone sealant creates a reliable and durable seal that stands the test of time.

This 100% silicone formula offers excellent adhesion and long-term resistance to water intrusion and extreme temperatures; ideal for bathroom and kitchen applications.



  • Quickly attains water-resistant properties and provides excellent long-term resistance to natural weathering, humidity and high & low temperatures.

Exceptional Durability

  • High-performance 100% silicone formula expands and contracts for a long, resilient life—and won’t crack or degrade.
  • Fungicide in the cured sealant resists both mold and mildew.
  • Once cured, remains elastic in temperatures from -55°F (-48°C) to 300°F (149°C), and withstands short-term, intermittent exposure up to 400°F (204°C).
  • Excellent Mildew Resistance and Antimicrobial Properties. 12 times Mildew Resistance Performance @ GB/T 1741. In accordance with JIS Z 2801 “Antimicrobial-processed products- Antimicrobial test methods and antimicrobial effect”, Superior antimicrobial properties of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria.

Outstanding Adhesion

  • TOSSEAL 83 AMB is able to bond to many common substrates and finishes, including glass, ceramic tiles, porcelain, painted surfaces, some plastics, cultured marble, polished granites and marbles and many composite materials including fiberglass.

Easy to Use

  • The material can be easily gunned and tooled under hot or cold conditions.
  • Removable cartridge nozzle that can be transferred from one cartridge to the next for a consistent bead size.
  • Non-sag paste makes application possible on horizontal, vertical or overhead surfaces. Wide application temperature range from 40°F to 122°F.
  • Product has a work life of five to 10 minutes, with a tack free time of 30 minutes and full cure time of 24 to 48 hours.

Environmentally Responsible

  • Low VOC (35g/L) @ GB 18583. JPN F4 Star Certificate.
Product Video

This sealant is available in 7 colors:

Light Pink
Light Grey
Available Sizes

TOSSEAL 83 AMB is available in 333ml cartridges in cases of 50 (5 boxes of 10 cartridges).

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