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Enduris Roof Coating

Training Webinars

Level up your roofing expertise with a 2.5-hour Enduris roof coating training session. Gain valuable industry insights and receive a certificate of attendance.

Our comprehensive training sessions on utilizing Enduris roof coating are designed to equip you with the expertise needed to excel in the field.

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Why Attend

Upcoming Sessions

Learn the differences among common roof coatings and their limitations

Discover the benefits of Enduris (alkoxy) vs competitive chemistry

Understand the limitations of roof coatings

Receive a certificate of completion

Learn how to qualify for and obtain a Momentive Warranty

Upcoming Events

Elevate Your Expertise

with enduris roof coating Silicone solutions

Learn, Master, and Excel in Roof Coating Applications

Our training sessions are designed with your convenience in mind. With a duration of 2.5 hours, these engaging sessions are packed with valuable content to maximize your learning experience. We'll also hold a comprehensive Q&A session at the end, allowing you to interact directly with our knowledgeable instructors.

All participants who attend our Enduris Roof Coating training sessions will receive a certificate of completion. This certification showcases your commitment to professional development and can be a valuable addition to your credentials.

Enduris Roof Coating Warranties

Comprehensive Coverage and Easy Steps to Obtain a Roof Coating Warranty

Enduris Roof Coating provides a range of warranties to ensure the longevity and performance of your commercial or residential roofing projects in the US and Canada. With three types of warranties available - Product, Product Plus, and Labor and Material - these warranties guarantee peace of mind for your investment.

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Long-Lasting Roof Coating Solutions

Protect, Extend, and Save with the Ultimate Roof Coating Solution

With a focus on weatherproofing, seamless application, and long-lasting performance, Enduris silicone coatings offer a multitude of advantages. Backed by up to 20 years of guaranteed protection*, these coatings ensure the extended life of roofs, even in demanding environments.

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