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SCS6000 ACP Weather Proofing Sealant

Durable. Resistant. Versatile.

SCS6000 ACP Weather Proofing Sealant - a high-performance solution for new or remedial applications.

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North America


Latin America


Europe, Middle East & Africa


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SCS6000 ACP Weather Proofing Sealant - a high-performance solution for new or remedial applications.

This 100% silicone polymer sealant offers excellent durability, adhesion, and movement capacity, accommodating up to 35% movement in both extension and compression. It's also formulated to reduce dirt pickup and surface streaking, providing a cleaner silicone option for visible building joints.

The SCS6000 sealant is a one-component, medium-modulus, neutral cure silicone that can be used on a wide variety of materials, including glass, polycarbonate, vinyl, plastics, wood, paints, aluminum, brick, terra-cotta, ceramic, porcelain, concrete, and natural stones. Its stable consistency and extended work life make it easy to gun and tool, even in hot or cold conditions, while its low sag or slump makes it useful for horizontal, vertical, or overhead surfaces.

Not only does the SCS6000 sealant perform exceptionally well in extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, rain, and snow, it also has a low VOC content and thermal stability. Once cured, the material remains flexible over a wide temperature range, and its matte finish produces a non-glossy surface appearance. Choose the SCS6000 Weather Proofing Sealant for a traditional silicone weatherability and long-life performance with reduced dirt pickup and excellent adhesion.


Extraordinary durability

  • Excellent long-term resistance to natural weathering
  • Can accommodate 35% movement in both extension and compression
  • Low VOC content
  • Thermal stability

Enhanced application

  • Primerless adhesion to many substrates and finishes
  • Easily gunned and tooled in hot and cold conditions
  • Extended work life
  • Low sag or slump

Excellent compatibility

  • Full adhesive and chemical compatibility with GE sealants’ SilShield™ and UltraSpan™ product families
  • Compatible with GE sealants products, including insulating glass products, weather proofing products and structural products.
Product Video

Currently available in 6 standard colors.

Light Grey
Aluminum Grey
Available Sizes

Currently available in:

  • 10.1 fl oz (299ml) plastic caulking cartridges
  • 20 fl oz (591.5ml) foil sausage packs
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