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About us

Changing the skyline forever.

Our silicones are a world class line of high-performance, 100% silicone sealants and coatings for the construction industry.

Since pioneering silicone technology in the 1930s, we've remained at the forefront of the industry.

From developing the silicone for the moon landing space boots, to developing the first high performance silicone sealants for the construction industry - we have a proven heritage of producing unique, cutting edge formulations that cannot be replicated.

For more than half a century, our products have been trusted across the world's construction industry for new construction and restoration projects alike.

Together with our customers, we're changing the skyline forever.

Building on our legacy

In 2006, Momentive Performance Materials (Momentive) purchased GE Advanced Materials, becoming the exclusive global licensee of GE branded silicone sealants and coatings.

Under Momentive, we continue to build on the GE Silicones legacy - turning the latest innovations in silicone technology into advanced solutions that perform in the real world.

From the smallest buildings, to the restoration of iconic structures like the Empire State Building - our silicones are an integral part of successful construction projects of all shapes and sizes across the globe.

Today, we offer a complete line of building envelope silicone solutions for roof coating, air and water barriers, architectural coatings, weathersealing, structural glazing, insulating glass, and structural glazing.

Whatever your project requirements, you can depend on our silicones to deliver.

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