Enduris Roof Coating Calculator

EndurisRoof Coating Calculator

Our quick and easy Enduris roof coating material calculator.

Simply enter some key details about your project into the calculator below, and you’ll get an instant estimate of how many gallons, drums and pails of Enduris roof coating you’ll need to complete it.

Theoretical vs Practical Gallons

We provide both theoretical and practical estimates – the theoretical gallons is the minimum number you might possibly need to achieve the desired Dry Film Thickness (DFT) on the roof.

The practical rates allow for more real world variables – such as surface texture, wind loss, and coating left in the container and application equipment.

Please note: this calculator is for guidance purposes only. Results provided by this calculator are an estimate of coating amount required and are dependant on the information provided. You must confirm quantities before ordering and always follow local building code requirements.

Make life easier on everyroofing project – with Enduris roof coatings.

With superior coverage, primerless adhesion (even on TPO) and one coat application, protecting and extending roof life is quick, efficient and economical. Enduris roof coatings are suitable for new roofs and restorations on a wide range of substrates, in a complete silicone coating system that’s easy to specify and install.

For extra peace of mind, Enduris roof coatings are backed by world-class technical support and extended warranties of up to 20 years.*

*20 year warranty available to Authorized Applicators

Up to 20 Years Warranty Available
Primerless Adhesion to Most Substrates
Superior UV Resistance
Severe Weather Resistance
Ultra-low VOC
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