Structural Glazing Project Submittal

Structural Glazing Project Submittal

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Review Services

Project Review Service (PRS)

Momentive Performance Materials (MPM) has developed a program – called the Project Review Service - for use when considering the utilization of a structural silicone product on a commercial project in which a performance warranty is desired upon project completion.  This service provides technical advice based on decades of SSG experience and consists of a series of steps taken in advance of construction to assist users and design professionals in the selection and use of our sealants for a specific glazing design.  The process is also used to assess, prior to assembly, sealant adhesion and/or compatibility with project-specific materials according to standardized industry tests or protocols (typically ASTM or ISO standards). The PRS is required for all SSG applications that utilize our structural silicone and is provided as a free service to prospective users.

Specification Review

When requested, MPM can review relevant project specifications to identify our sealant product(s) for consideration in meeting specified criteria and requirements.

Drawing Review

Shop drawings of suitable clarity and of sufficient detail showing the overall curtainwall system and relevant SSG details must be submitted along with a completed SSG Project Submittal Form to MPM for review prior to application of structural silicone. MPM will not provide a warranty on projects that have not been reviewed prior to assembly. Upon review MPM will:

  • Provide comments pertaining to the specific silicone under consideration for the project.

  • Provide comments as to the suitability of any given design to the specific silicone under consideration for the project.

  • Verify that the designed adhesive contact widths are adequate for the glass size(s) and design wind load(s).

  • Verify that the designed adhesive thickness is sufficient to provide the flexibility to perform as intended.

  • Issue a project review letter confirming such points of review.

Laboratory Testing &  Project Warranty

Laboratory Testing

Project-specific substrates, of sufficient size and quantity, must be submitted along with a completed Laboratory Test Request Form to MPM for testing prior to application of structural silicone.  All items to which sealant adhesion is intended must be submitted for adhesion testing.  All accessories and items which will or may come in contact with the sealant products to be used on the project (ex., gaskets, spacers, blocks, tapes, etc.), must be submitted for compatibility testing.  MPM will not provide a warranty on projects that have not been tested prior to assembly. Upon receipt MPM will:

  • Perform adhesion, compatibility and/or stain testing (as applicable) with candidate sealant(s) and upon completion, will issue a report of findings along with requirements and recommendations for surface preparation and/or priming, as applicable.

  • Provide comments as to the suitability of any given substrate or submitted material with the specific silicone under consideration for the project.

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Project Warranty

MPM can offer a project-specific warranty for SSG projects, in both new and/or remedial applications.  The warranty options available may be obtained by contacting an MPM sales representative. To obtain a warranty, the Drawing Review and Lab Testing components of the PRS must have been completed prior to project start. At the time of substantial project completion a Warranty Request Form must be submitted to MPM for review.  MPM may, at its option, require copies of quality control logs and time-dated photographical documentation to determine if recommended quality control procedures were followed throughout the project in accordance with standard industry practice and MPM’s quality control guidelines and recommendations contained within this document.

Note: Due to the endless variability of project designs, substrates and conditions of use, neither the PRS nor the test results provided, should be a substitute for a continuous quality control test program throughout the construction of the reviewed project.  Quality control guidelines are provided later in this manual.

Structural Glazing Project Submittal Form & Downloads

Simply download our Structural Glazing Project Submittal form below; complete it electrically and email it back to warrantyrequest@momentive.com

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