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UltraGlaze SSG4800J

Elevating exterior glazing designs.

Protect your project from damaging UV, extreme temperatures and damaging weather with SSG4800J UltraGlaze sealant – our high-performing silicone structural glazing adhesive.

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Protect your project from damaging UV, extreme temperatures and damaging weather with SSG4800J UltraGlaze sealant – our high-performing silicone structural glazing adhesive.

SSG4800J UltraGlaze sealant is a one-component, high-strength neutral cure silicone with accelerated cure characteristics. It’s ideal for structural glazing applications such as the factory glazing of unitized curtainwall systems, panel stiffener and field constructed stick curtainwall systems.

Providing excellent strength, tear resistance and durability – UltraGlaze gives building facades the durability they require without compromising the aesthetics of the design.

SSG4800J is designed to fit seamlessly into the fabrication process – offering primerless adhesion to a range of materials and finishes. It’s designed to help you deliver on the production demands of a variety of projects, in the most challenging environments.


Exceptional Durability

  • Long term resistance to ultraviolet radiation, high and low temperatures, rain, snow, and natural weathering with negligible change in elasticity.
  • High tensile and tear strength to increase safety factors in SSG designs.
  • Thermal Stability (cured state) – once cured the material remains flexible over a temperate range of -55°F to 250°F).

Practical Application

  • Bonds to most conventional substrates and finishes including glass, glass coatings, ceramic frits, fluoropolymer, and powder coated paints, conversion-coated and anodized aluminum. Some finishes may require a primer.
  • Low sag or slump – suitable for application to horizontal, vertical, or overhead surfaces.
  • Accelerated cure time – faster early hour cure properties to facilitate handling of assembled units.

Highly Compatible

  • Compatible with these GE sealants insulating glass products: IGS3703, IGS3713-D1, IGS3729, IGS3723, IGS3733.
  • Compatible with these GE sealants weatherproofing sealants: SCS2000N, SCS2700, SCS9000, SCS2800, SCS2900 series.
  • Compatible with these GE sealants SSG products: SSG4000AC structural glazing adhesive and SSG4600, SSG4400 series.
Product Video

Available in 2 standard colors.

Available Sizes

UltraGlaze SSG4800J structural glazing adhesive is available in 20 fl.oz.(591.5ml) foil sausage packs.

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