Structural Silicone Glazing Sealants
UltraGlaze™ SSG4650 Sealant

UltraGlaze™ SSG4650 Sealant

The next generation of powerful silicone performance, now with EOTA approval.

Push the boundaries of façade design and change the skyline with next generation silicone performance.

Available in:
North AmericaLatin AmericaEurope, Middle East & AfricaIndia & PakistanSoutheast AsiaAustralia & New ZealandJapanChina

UltraGlaze SSG4650 sealant is a next generation solution designed to enable the most ambitious structural glazing façades. With 0.2 MPa tensile design strength, high flexibility, and rapid strength build-up, it's here to help you push the boundaries of building design.

An advanced, proven formula that enables designs with reduced metal frame support system dimensions, UltraGlaze SSG4650 offers peerless performance. It enables you to design and build to new heights, securing sweeping, uninterrupted views whilst saving on cost.

UltraGlaze SSG4650 sealant can withstand driving rains and hurricane-force winds—as well as pressure, impact, and the test of time. A two-part, 100% silicone-based solution, It is CMR-label-free and non-flammable to help ensure storage and handling safety.

UltraGlaze SSG4650 meets or surpasses the stringent design criteria specified in the ETAG-002 design guidelines for facades, thus becoming one of the most advanced glazing sealants on the market. It’s unique combination of high strength and flexibility ensures best-in-class performance even under the extremes of weather phenomena.

UltraGlaze SSG4650 sealant securely bonds without a primer to many substrates and finishes, including glass, polycarbonate, coated and anodized aluminum, coated and stainless steel and ceramic frits.

Designed to achieve a rapid tensile-strength build-up, façade elements assembled using UltraGlaze SSG4650 sealant are ready for transport within a short time post- fabrication, which increases overall production line efficiency and frees-up valuable factory floor space.

It is backed by world-class technical support and our project-specific warranty program.

  • Two-part system
  • Black and grey
  • Very high strength combined with rapid strength build-up
  • High elasticity and tear resistance
  • 96% primerless success rate
  • Low VOC

Exceptional durability

  • 0.2 MPa tensile design strength
  • 0.15 MPa shear design strength
  • Proven, long-term resistance to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, rain, snow, and wind with negligible change in strength and elasticity

Movement capacity
±25% movement capacity

Quick and easy to apply

  • Two-part system
  • Primerless adhesion to 96% of all substrates tested for supporting frames in façade applications
  • Adjustable work life (from 40 to 90 minutes) to fit project, climate, and unit production requirements
  • Rapid adhesion and strength build-up to help streamline assembly process and unit handling time
  • Non-flammable components

Environmentally friendly
Low VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Product Video

Currently available in two standard colors:

Available Sizes

Available as a two-part system that contains the base (part A) and a catalyst (part B). Two catalyst options are available.

Base – SSG4650A UltraGlaze
55 gallon (208 L) steel drum with a polyethylene liner.

Catalyst – SSG4603B UltraGlaze: black
Catalyst – SSG4607B UltraGlaze: grey
5 gallon (19 L) plastic pail

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