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IGS3103 Sealant

The simple solution for simple projects. Quick cure for everyday applications.

IGS3103 sealant securely adheres to a range of substrates used in insulating glass production, including both glass and anodized aluminum.

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IGS3103 sealant securely adheres to a range of substrates used in insulating glass production, including both glass and anodized aluminum.

Quick and easy to apply, the excellent adhesion and fast cure properties of IGS3103 sealant can help ensure structural integrity during transportation and glazing. It is permanently flexible, and resistant to the elements - providing decades of proven protection against weather and temperature extremes.

IGS3103 sealant is backed by world-class technical support and application-specific laboratory testing.

  • One-part edge sealant
  • Acetoxy cure
  • Black

Exceptional durability

  • Proven, long-term resistance to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, rain, snow, and wind with negligible change in elasticity
  • Once cured, remains fully elastic from -55°F to 250°F (-48°C to 121°C)
  • Withstands intermittent, short-term exposures up to 350°F (178°C)

Excellent performance

  • High elongation
  • High tensile strength

Quick and easy to apply

  • One-part system
  • Adhesion to some conventional spacer materials
  • Silicone properties optimized for fast, thorough groove filling of edge and reduced equipment wear
  • Low-sag, easy tooling sealant remains in place until fully cured
  • Work life is approximately 20 minutes

Proven structural capability

  • Insulating Glass Units made with IGS3103 can be used in two- or four-sided silicone structural glazing designs
  • Meets ASTM C1369 standard specification for Edge Sealants for Structural Insulating Glass Units
  • Meets requirements of ASTM E2190 standard specification for Insulating Glass Unit Performance and Evaluation

Environmentally responsible

Ultra-low VOC (volatile organic compound).

Product Video

Currently available in:

Available Sizes

Currently available in:

  • 5 gallon (19 L) plastic pail
  • 55 gallon (208 L) fiber or steel drum
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