Air & Water-Resistive Barrier Coatings
Elemax™ SS Flashing

Elemax™ SS Flashing

Weatherproof. Durable. Sustainable.

Prevent air and water from penetrating critical joints and cavities - ensure complete protection for your building envelope with Elemax SS Flashing.

Available in:
North AmericaLatin AmericaEurope, Middle East & AfricaIndia & PakistanSoutheast AsiaAustralia & New ZealandJapanChina

Elemax SS stainless steel flashing bonds to window and door pans, transitions, and curtain wall perimeters to provide flexibility and strength.

With exceptional puncture and tear resistance, Elemax SS flashing is made to withstand weather extremes without cracking or separation, delivering decades of trouble-free performance and protection.

Available in a range of widths, Elemax SS flashing self-adheres to most substrates including glass mat faced gypsum sheathing, masonry, concrete, metals, plywood, and OSB.

It is backed by world-class technical support and extended warranties of up to 20 years when used as part of the Elemax System.

  • Stainless steel flashing sheet
  • No primer required
  • Weatherproof
  • Self-adheres to most substrates and sealants

Exceptional durability

  • Flexible, 2 mil sheet of type 304 stainless steel with 8 mils of butyl adhesive and a siliconized release liner
  • Excellent resistance to punctures, tears, and UV radiation

Quick and easy to apply

  • Self-adhering
  • No primer required
  • Applies by hand, and secured in place with a vinyl or steel roller
  • Applies in temperatures ranging from 20° to 170°F (-7°C to 77°C)
  • Excellent for many flashing applications, including through-wall, transitions, details, curtain wall perimeter, window and door pan, jamb closure, and roof to parapet

Excellent adhesion

  • Securely self-adheres to most substrates
  • Compatible with Elemax 2600 AWB coating, Elemax 5000 liquid flashing as well as a majority of sealants, insulations, below grade waterproofing, and roofing membranes


  • Made with 60% recycled stainless steel
  • Contributes toward LEED credits


Manufacturer warrants this product meets manufacturer's specifications if properly stored and applied. If not satisfied, return proof of purchase for refund. Manufacturer shall not be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price. This is the sole and exclusive remedy/liability for product defects/failure. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state, so the above limitations/exclusions may not apply to you.

Labor and material warranties for up to 20 years may be available. Inspection of the completed project by a third-party engineering firm is required for warranty validation. See individual product labels for additional information.


Customers must evaluate the product and make their own determination as to fitness of use in their particular applications. See the applicable product data sheets for additional product information.

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Available Sizes

Product size

50-foot rolls (15 m) in standard widths:

  • 4 inch (102 mm)
  • 6 inch (152 mm)
  • 12 inch (305 mm)
  • 18 inch (457 mm)
  • 24 inch (610 mm)
  • 36 inch (914 mm)
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