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Insulating Glass

Innovation at the edge.

Seal in lasting performance and energy efficiency in insulating glass systems. Secure sweeping views and enable modern architectural marvels with GE Silicones branded Insulating Glass Sealants.

GE Silicones branded Insulating Glass Sealants have fulfilled some of the most exacting requirements on prominent projects around the world — from the Shanghai World Financial Center to the Willis Tower. Whatever the requirements, we are here to help ensure your building remains efficient and resilient for the long term.

Our Insulating Glass products include one and two-part 100% silicone based insulating glass edge sealants. Easy to use and apply, each one is engineered with oustanding strength and adhesion. Our Insulating Glass edge sealants work in tandem with Structural Glazing and Weatherseal silicone products to help create and protect high performance glazing systems that are made to last.

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IGS3760 Sealant

Maintain lasting protection and unobstructed views in dual-sealed gas and air-filled insulating glass units with IGS3760 sealant.

IGS3723 Sealant

Outstanding adhesion and strength come together in GE Silicones IGS3723 sealant - making it the ideal choice for edge seals in structural and non-structural insulating glass units.

IGS3713 Sealant

Get powerful performance from an edge sealant that's made to last, with GE Silicones IGS3713 sealant.

IGS3103 Sealant

IGS3103 is an effective, quick cure sealant for everyday insulating glass applications. Offering high strength and adhesion properties, this one-part system is made from 100% silicone and maintains bond strength for decades.

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