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Architectural Coatings

Beauty meets strength.

Create a seamless, waterproof membrane - enhance and preserve building exteriors with GE Silicones branded Architectural Coatings.

Protect your building from the elements and achieve your creative vision, with GE Silicones branded Architectural Coatings.

Our high-performance architectural coatings create a seamless elastomeric membrane - that can provide decades of protection from sun, rain, ice, and wind, whilst resisting graffiti and stickers.

These advanced, vapor-permeable coatings enable your building to breathe - allowing moisture to escape and mitigating the conditions that can cause mold and mildew.

Preserve building façades and showcase the beauty of historic structures, or set them apart with a bold, lasting statement. Whatever your vision, GE Silicones branded Architectural Coatings can help you bring it to life.

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Optic™ Translucent Silicone Coating

When a building façade leaks - forget major renovations or temporary fixes. Optic Translucent Silicone coating provides the lasting solution.

SilShield™ 3100 Silicone Elastomeric Coating

Defend against water leaks. Benefit from long lasting, high performance protection in nearly any color. Keep your building looking beautiful for the long haul with SilShield 3100 coating.

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