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Optic™ Translucent Silicone Coating Exceeds Client Expectations in Southern California

Optic™ Translucent Silicone Coating Exceeds Client Expectations in Southern California

When a building façade leaks - forget major renovations or temporary fixes. Optic Translucent Silicone provides the lasting solution.

Building stock across the USA is aging, and many building owners are now starting to face the consequences of deficiencies in designs and constructions that lack long term resiliency against the elements.

As a result, finding effective solutions to fix leaks in the building façade is starting to become more and more important for building owners.

In building facades constructed from brick, stone or other materials where appearance change is undesirable, the common options for addressing leaks have been isolated replacement or repair work, over cladding, and full reskinning. While isolated repairs may work well in some cases, when the leaks are widespread across the façade, fixing them can become expensive and complicated.

In 2012, we launched Optic translucent coating to solve this problem. A cost effective, long term alternative to invasive renovations or temporary fixes, it creates a clear membrane that remains waterproof, breathable, permanently flexible and weather resistant for decades.

It’s proved to be a real hit with contractors and building owners alike – as two building owners in California can attest. The case studies of two projects successfully using Optic translucent silicone coating for repairs were published at the Façade Tectonics 2020 World Congress.  

Members can read the studies in their entirety here - https://www.facadetectonics.org/papers/process-of-repair-evaluation

Project Background

The two projects were both stucco clad office buildings (one with thin brick over the stucco base coat) in Southern California, that were suffering from chronic and extensive water leakage through the cladding systems. In both buildings, the cladding systems were exhibiting cracking and openings along the joints.

In both the affected buildings, the appearances of the cladding were integral to the design and the owners wanted to retain these as part of the project. Both building owners had tried to address the leaks with isolated repairs, but these had failed to address the problem.

The building owners wanted effective long-term repairs, while keeping costs down, and minimizing disruption for their tenants. The options for repair were either restoration using Optic translucent coating, or a complete reskin.

The quote for reskinning was roughly 10 times the price of the restoration with Optic coating – and would take considerably longer as well as create significant disruption to the tenants. Unsurprisingly, the building owners opted for the restoration using coating.

The Results

The projects were a real success – providing an extraordinary reduction in leakage that exceeded the clients’ expectations in terms of performance. Thanks to its clear color, the buildings have also maintained their distinctive appeal.

Before the restoration with Optic translucent coating, one of the projects was experiencing leaks at approximately 30 locations across two buildings. Following the project, only one minor leak was reported after the heavy rains of Spring 2019.

In the other project, there were no leaks at all in the areas that had been repaired!

The Difference is Clear

When a building façade leaks - forget major renovations or temporary fixes. Optic Translucent Silicone coating provides the lasting solution.

With Optic coating, you don't have to compromise. This breathable waterproof barrier typically takes 85% less in time and cost than cladding removal/reinstallation, but can last for decades, and all without sacrificing the original beauty of the building.

It can securely bond to most substrates, including brick, concrete, natural stone, stucco, masonry, wood, copper, EIFS, aluminum, glass, and many painted surfaces.

Optic coating is backed by world-class technical support and available with warranties of up to 15 years.

For additional information, visit https://www.siliconeforbuilding.com/product/optic-translucent-silicone-coating or contact your local representative today.

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