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Protect your roof with Enduris Roof Coating

Why replace, when you can restore?

From minor leaks to full roof restoration, our 100% silicone solutions can effectively repair and provide long term protection for your roof. Proven to endure daily weathering and varying temperatures, and available with a warranty of up to 25 years (when installed by an Authorized Applicator) – it’s a cost-effective, low-hassle alternative to roof replacement.

A long-term alternative to replacement

Enduris roof coatings can provide up to 25 years of proven protection – backed-up by industry leading warranties that are available in select regions.

Lower costs with no compromise

Repairs with Enduris roof coating offer long-lasting protection for your roof, at a fraction of the cost of full replacement.

Reduced building operating costs

Enduris roof coatings offer a long-term restoration solution with minimum maintenance requirements, which, when combined with other efficiency benefits, can lead to lower operating costs.

Improved energy-efficiency year round

Applied in white, Enduris roof coatings limit heat gain and reflect UV to help improve the thermal performance of your building, which can lead to significantly lower energy consumption. Certified by leading authorities on energy conservation such as Energy Star and Cool Roof Ratings Council

Convenience over pre-formed membranes

Restorations and repairs with Enduris roof coating means less disruption, less activity, and less equipment in general when it comes to roof work. Quick and convenient to apply, our 100% silicone systems means no torching, no cutting multiple sheets, no solvents or adhesives, and no induction welding.

Unlike pre-formed membranes which need to be cut-to-size, fastened, laminated or torched-in-place, Enduris roof coating is applied as a liquid, cures to a rubbery, elastomeric sheet, and conforms to complex shapes, angles and penetrations on a roof. This makes it a breeze to apply on roofs with multiple penetrations and details which make best use of all available area for different installations.

Improved durability over other liquid applied membranes

Enduris is fundamentally different from other liquid applied membranes such as acrylics, polyurethanes and polyureas. All these chemistries have an organic backbone, making them degrade under strong sunlight. The pure silicone backbone of Enduris roof coatings is inherently stable under UV radiation, providing effective leak protection for years to come.1 Furthermore, it is far more resistant to ponding water, making it suitable for regions experiencing year-round rain and snow!2

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The proven solution for professionals

  • Lowest applied cost

  • Seamless, stable & energy-efficient coating

  • Works to extend roof life expectancy while reducing energy consumption

  • One coat, primerless adhesion

  • Low VOC - no off-gassing

  • No mixing required

  • Compatible with our silicone products

  • 20+ year warranties available

1 Long term Outdoor Weathering Study of Construction Sealants; E. Bull & G. Lucas; Journal of ASTM International, Vol. 6, no. 4, Paper ID JAI101946
2 Based on internal testing, data available upon request.