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Mariner Condominiums - Restoration and Protection of a Brick Façade

Mariner Condominiums - Restoration and Protection of a Brick Façade

Optic™ Translucent Coating used to Restore and Protect a Brick Façade

Waterproof with Confidence

Built in 1911, the Mariner Condominiums in Boston, Massachusetts were originally constructed as a warehouse with solid brick wythe walls. In 1987, they were converted to luxury condominiums.

The building’s east-facing façade bears the full brunt of storms and weather, and water intrusion through the brick was an ongoing issue. Over the course of more than 20 years, cracks and gaps in the mortar appeared due to the water intrusion. In this time period, penetrating sealers and other waterproofing attempts were ineffective.

After testing and evaluating multiple solutions, Optic translucent coating was chosen to waterproof and protect the building facade, as well as preserve the appearance of the exterior brick and mortar.

Chasing leaks year after year led to the evaluation of multiple coating products, shown by this patch test.

Optic Translucent Coating (far right) was the only option tested that did not change the appearance of the exterior brick.

Protect and Enhance the Façade

After the application was complete, a 3rd party tested the building by blasting water applied @ 10 psf (60 mph) for 60 minutes on the Optic coated brickwork. The coated section passed the test.

Translucent Coating with an array of benefits:

  • Lasting protection against the elements, including wet weather, UV rays, extreme temperatures, and even graffiti
  • Translucent, 100% silicone offers an effective solution for preserving the aesthetic of the existing facade
  • Solve water intrusion issues with a quick, easy to apply, permanent weatherproofing solution
  • Can adhere to most surfaces on new or existing structures without primer and with minimal surface prep

Our Optic coatings offer a strong, economical solution for façade protection and repair—and can help prevent the need for costly, repeated repairs over time.

NOTE: Performance results are those of customer reported accounts, and are not to be relied upon as typical or expected under any other circumstances. Performance results will vary depending upon a number of process-related factors. Prospective customers should rely solely upon their own evaluative techniques to determine what processing parameters are attainable and optimal to their specific needs. Further note that Momentive Performance Materials products are not endorsed by or affiliated with any ownership authority of Mariner Condominiums.

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