Tight Economic Times – Opportunities for Roof Coating Sales

Tight Economic Times – Opportunities for Roof Coating Sales

2020 has been a turbulent year for families and businesses across the USA and around the world.

2020 has been a turbulent year for families and businesses across the USA and around the world.

With money tight and the economic outlook uncertain, the business landscape is changing for roofing contractors. Despite the challenges, there are real opportunities for businesses that can adapt and sell the right solutions to building owners.

In this post, Sales Representative, Dirk Andrews, examines the changing marketplace, and provides his expert tips on how to drive sales of roof repairs with Enduris™ roof coatings.

A Cap on Cap Ex – Understanding the Market

When money gets tight, building owners and managers start looking for alternatives to expensive capital expenditures.

Major projects such as roof replacements are a great example. The cost to tear off an existing roof and replace it with a new TPO, PVC, Mod-Bit, or metal roof can be as high as $1,500 a square.  That can take a huge bite out of cash on hand for a building owner.

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you’re a roofing contractor) – they can’t simply ignore a leaking roof. If the roof is nearing the end of its useful life, they still need to fix it. That’s when they start looking around for alternative solutions.

But what else can they do?...

Why Replace When you can Restore?

This is where roof coatings, such as the Enduris 100% Silicone System come in.

Restoring a roof using Enduris roof coating is a cost-effective, long term alternative to traditional roof replacement. This makes it an extremely attractive proposition for any building owner concerned about capex – and a much easier sale for you!

At less than half the cost of a removal and replacement, an owner can either save the money they would have spent, or complete twice the number of projects by using a roof coating system.

Educating the Customers and Driving Competitive Advantage

Never assume a building owner knows there are alternatives to traditional roofing.

Whenever a customer requests a quote for a tear off and replacement, it makes sense to offer them the option of restoring the roof with Enduris roof coating (as long as the roof is in good enough condition for a coating system).  

Offering roof restoration as a cost-effective alternative can help to set your business apart from competitors who are only quoting for replacement. Instead of being “just another roofer”, you become the honest, knowledgeable contractor, educating the building owner on innovative, cost-effective alternatives.

Providing a restoration quote can also increase your chances of landing replacement projects – because it makes your quote look more competitive. This may help to get you through the door. If it turns out that replacement is a better option, then you could very well be in the lead to land the project.

Addressing Concerns – Longevity, Warranty and Peace of Mind

One of the potential barriers you may come across when selling roof coatings is fear about the longevity of restoration. Building owners may worry that they will still need to repair the roof in a few years.

This is where you can inform building owners about our warranty. Enduris 100% Silicone Systems are available with comparable warranties to traditional roofing systems (up to 20 years when completed by an Approved Applicator).

Having 20 years peace of mind is a huge selling point for any building contractor – it reassures them that they are getting real long-term protection and value. At this point, you will also want to point out that the warranty is transferrable to a new owner (for a small fee) if they choose to sell the building.

What’s even better for the owner is that Enduris roof coatings can eliminate the need for a tear off over the life of the building – you can recoat roofs multiple times the roof can be cleaned, repaired and coated again with Enduris roof coatings.

Enduris Coatings – Better Value for Contractors and Building Owners

Drive competitive advantage and provide your customers with real value for their money, with Enduris roof coatings.

For new construction and restoration projects alike, Enduris roof coatings offer a complete silicone coating system that can significantly extend your roof life expectancy.

Applying Enduris roof coating couldn’t be easier – and a single coat can provide up to 20 years of protection**. The 100% silicone solution requires no mixing, and no primers, and is available in a range of standard and custom colors to suit virtually any project.

Applied directly to a variety of substrates, including TPO, PVC, EPDM, Mod-Bit, metal and SPF, with spray, roller or brush - creates a waterproof, resilient and seamless barrier against leaks, to extend roof life and reduce the need for maintenance.

For additional information about Enduris roof coatings, visit us here or contact your local representative today.

**Labor and material warranties of up to 20 years are available as part of the Approved Applicator Program.

ANY SALE OF PRODUCTS OR DELIVERY OF CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND ADVICE BY MOMENTIVE PERFORMANCE MATERIALS INC. AND/OR ITS AFFILIATES (“MOMENTIVE") IS MADE EXCLUSIVELY UNDER MOMENTIVE’S STANDARD CONDITIONS OF SALE which are included in the applicable sales agreements, printed on the back of acknowledgments and invoices, or available upon request.  MOMENTIVE MAKES NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE PERFORMANCE, SUITABILITY OR FITNESS FOR INTENDED USE OF ITS PRODUCTS IN ANY CUSTOMER'S APPLICATION. Each customer should determine the suitability of Momentive's materials for the customer's particular use through appropriate testing and analysis.  Statements regarding possible or suggested use of any material, product, service or design is not intended, nor should be construed, to grant any license under or induce infringement of any patent or other intellectual property.

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