New digital Silicone Structural Glazing Calculator launches

New digital Silicone Structural Glazing Calculator launches

How much silicone sealant do you need for your next glazing project?

How much silicone sealant do you need for your next glazing project?

Getting accurate estimates can be a real challenge. Miscalculations or estimating errors can lead to having inadequate or surplus quantities of a product, which can have a significant impact from both a financial and practical perspective.

From overspending to project delays – the wrong estimates can disrupt the construction process. That’s why it’s so important to get things right at the start.

The New Online Structural Glazing Calculator

When it comes to structural glazing sealants, we know just how difficult it can be to obtain accurate estimates.

This is why we’ve introduced our new Online Structural Glazing Calculator – our convenient tool to estimate bead dimensions of our silicone glazing sealants. This enables you to order the right structural glazing solutions in the right quantities for your next project.

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Configuring Façade Elements and Improving Façade Designs

We offer a variety of structural glazing and insulating glass sealants for the façade industry worldwide. These products offer a unique combination of strength and weather resistance - enabling façade designs that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in architectural design.

An important step in the design of any façade is the configuration of the façade elements. The specific design of the glass light and its dimensions, whether its single or multiple glazed, symmetric or stepped, determine the amount of structural support that needs to be provided to the element. This structural support can either be provided through a structurally-rated silicone sealant, or via an insert-and-toggle system.

A silicone sealant is also utilized as a secondary seal on an insulating glass unit to help protect the primary butyl seal from the elements, which in turn can improve gas or air retention in the IG unit throughout its service life.

Meeting the Challenges of Estimation

Modern buildings with all-glass facades can have multiple different façade elements. During the design phase, architects and consultants often try out multiple façade designs – and as part of this process, it’s essential to estimate the quantities of structural glazing sealants and insulating glass sealants. Estimates are made based on different industry standards (e.g. EOTA, ASTM, GB) and multiple different calculation formulas apply.

It can be extremely difficult to manually estimate and keep track of all the façade designs, any iterations in the design, and the dimensions of silicone sealants in each case. Also, the designers and specifiers sometimes want to compare between different product options to determine which solutions work best as part of the design.  

This is where our Silicone Sealant Glazing Calculator comes in. It has been specially designed to make things easier for our customers, helping them to obtain a quick estimation of the bite-size and thickness of our glazing sealants, for dozens of façade configurations.

Perform Multiple Calculations with Instant Results

The online calculator is quick, easy and free to use, and available to all of our customers. It allows users to see key details such as the dimension of the structural glazing sealant and the thickness of the glass to frame.

Users can select from dozens of pre-loaded glazing configurations - including method of glass attachment, silicone sealant type, type of structural glazing system, type of insulating glass unit and more. This allows users to input essential façade system details to deliver a more accurate estimate.

Project details are entered via the calculator’s simple interface - allowing the user to select multiple inputs necessary to perform the calculations, such as wind force, glass dimensions, and the different temperatures relevant to the glazing scenario. Currently, the calculator allows estimation using EOTA and ASTM standards and is configured for systems fixed via structural silicone glazing and insert-and-toggle systems.  

The user can input multiple glass dimensions and select from one or all of the sealants, which are pre-loaded in the software. All the other physical constants are also pre-loaded in the tool for quick, easy use.

Information can be presented as a visual display – providing highly detailed engineering drawings that change as the user makes their selections.  

Generate Detailed, Professional Project Reports

Ultimately, the calculator quickly provides all the information users need to know, in a convenient, useful and easy to understand report. The report is available as a PDF, which can be downloaded and used for future reference.

The finished reports feature façade system details, technical diagrams and an extensive list presenting the conditions for calculation.

Results of one or more calculations can be recorded in multiple ways; either as a table of results that is displayed instantly as the calculations are run, or as a complete report that is full of details selected for calculation.

Every user logging-in the tool also has a separate ‘profile’ in which all these projects can be stored, edited or deleted as required.  This provides an easy way of keeping track of finished reports, as the calculations can be stored under user-specific projects.

Try Our Sealant Glazing Calculator

Create ambitious buildings with stunning designs, made to withstand the most challenging climates, temperatures and conditions - with our Structural Glazing Sealants (“SSG”).

The SSG product family includes one and two-part 100% silicone based structural sealants and adhesives. For new construction or renovation of building envelopes including monumental curtainwalls, window walls and glass façades, you can depend on SSG products.

Try out our new Sealant Glazing Calculator today at https://glazingcalculator.momentive.com/

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