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Large Silicone Metal Roof Restoration – With Enduris™ Roof Coating

Large Silicone Metal Roof Restoration – With Enduris™ Roof Coating

At 880,000 sq ft, it was the largest silicone restoration project ever attempted on a metal roof.

Recently, Enduris Roof Coating was used to successfully restore the metal roof of an expansive warehouse in Mexico.

At 880,000 sq ft, it was the largest known silicone restoration project attempted to date on a metal roof.

The client, Corporation Properties of the Americas (“CPA”), is one of Mexico’s leading industrial real estate companies, with over 20 million sq ft of warehouse, distribution and manufacturing space across the country.

When the roof of one of their largest warehouses began to show signs of accelerated corrosion, CPA went looking for a solution…

A Growing Problem

Like most warehouses in Mexico, this building was fitted with a metal roof. Although the building was less than 10 years old, the metal roof was already moderately to severely corroded, and getting worse by the year.

The building owners had already attempted to address the solution using acrylic coatings, but all had failed to stop the corrosion. The owners feared that the only option left was to replace the entire roof - an expensive, lengthy process that would cause significant disruption to the operations of the home appliance company that occupied it.

When CPA approached our approved applicator Ingeniera Para Concreto for a potential solution,  Enduris roof coating was recommended to stop the corrosion and protect the roof.  

A Major Application

Applying Enduris was a major undertaking, with plenty of challenges. At 880,000 sq ft, it was a huge roof, and the extent of corrosion were significant.

Metal expands as temperatures rise, so it required a solution that could accommodate significant expansion. Enduris roof coating is permanently flexible, allowing it to expand and contract with the roof.

The project also included hundreds of thousands of screw heads, all that needed to be effectively treated using Enduris roof coating in a time-consuming process. Ingeniera Para Concreto handled the application.

The contractors were able to work all year round. Unlike other sealants, Enduris roof coatings are rain ready in as little as 30 minutes – allowing the team more flexibility to continue application throughout the rainy seasons.

With the coating process completed, the substrate was fully protected against oxygen diffusion and water penetration, and further corrosion was averted

Long Term Performance and Peace of Mind

The restoration project was successfully completed in April 2020 – allowing CPA to avoid replacement, while helping to extend the lifespan of the existing roof, and the building, for the foreseeable future.  

Using Enduris roof coating also allowed the occupants to realize benefits to the working environment inside the building. Coating the metal roof in white color resulted in a significant reduction to the temperature highs of the interior, making it more comfortable for those working inside.

As part of the project, we supplied a full 10-year materials and labor warranty, providing the client with a decade of security and peace of mind in their investment.

Why Replace When you can Restore – with Enduris Coating

Protect and extend the life of your roof while improving energy efficiency and performance, with Enduris 100% silicone roof coatings. For new constructions and restoration on a wide range of substrates, one coat of Enduris roof coating offers proven performance in the toughest environments.

Download the PDF for this case study.

For additional information about Enduris Roof Coatings, please visit https://www.siliconeforbuilding.com/products/roof-coating

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