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Kuwait Airport – New Terminal Brought to Life with Silicones Sealants

Kuwait Airport – New Terminal Brought to Life with Silicones Sealants

Our sealants will be an integral part of an ambitious project to transform Kuwait Airport into a new regional air hub.

Silicone Sealants for an Ambitious Project

This year, our sealants will be an integral part of an ambitious project to transform Kuwait Airport into a new regional air hub in the gulf.

The multi-million dollar contract will see our Insulating Glass Sealants, Structural Glazing Sealants, and Weatherseal used in the creation of a new state of the art terminal with a ground-breaking, environmentally-sustainable design.

The flagship project, which is one of the largest active construction works in the Middle East, will see the airport add capacity for an additional 13 million passengers each year. Construction began in May 2017, with the terminal set for completion by 2021.

A Modern Architectural Marvel

The distinctive, ambitious architectural design of the new terminal is unique – it’s been inspired by local art and traditions, with the exterior façade referencing the ‘Al Saud’ pattern used by Kuwaiti nomads in the fabric of their tents.

The design features three symmetrical wings of departure gates – with facades measuring 1.2km (0.75 miles) extending from an imposing 25m-high central space. The entire terminal features a single roof canopy with glazed openings designed to filter daylight and deflect solar radiation. 

The project aims to be the world’s first terminal to attain LEED gold certification – making it the most environmentally friendly airport terminal in the world. To achieve this, the building needs to perform in one of the hottest and most challenging environments on the planet.

Pushing the Boundaries

A range of our silicone solutions have been chosen for the project to support the delivery of its ambitious design, performance and environmental objectives. These include advanced products from our Insulating Glass Sealants, Structural Glazing Sealants, and Weatherseal lines.

Sealing out Extreme Weather – Structural Glazing 

For the extensive curtain wall, UltraGlaze™ SSG4400 is being used to ensure a resilient bond between the glass and the aluminum, copper and steel panels. 

Combining strength, durability and flexibility, it will seal out extreme weather and temperature, while providing excellent resilience to pressure and impact. 

The project will also utilize UltraPruf™ II SCS2900 from our family of Weatherseal sealants – which will be used to seal the joints of the glazing units and provide excellent resistance to sunlight, ozone and atmospheric pollutants. 

Innovation at the Edge – Insulating Glass

EdgeSil™ IGS3723 Insulating Glass Sealant has been chosen for the edge seals in the manufacture of the new terminal’s structural insulating glass units.

With excellent resistance to UV rays, strong winds and temperature extremes, it’s ideal for the challenging desert conditions of Kuwait – providing lasting performance and energy-efficiency, whilst enabling sweeping, open views across the airport. 

NOTE: Performance results are those of customer reported accounts, and are not to be relied upon as typical or expected under any other circumstances. Performance results will vary depending upon a number of process-related factors. Prospective customers should rely solely upon their own evaluative techniques to determine what processing parameters are attainable and optimal to their specific needs. Further note that Momentive Performance Materials are not endorsed by or affiliated with any ownership authority of Kuwait Airport.

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