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O. Lamar Allen Sustainable Education Building

O. Lamar Allen Sustainable Education Building

Enduris™ Roof Coating Helps University Plan a “Greener” Future

Enduris™ Roof Coating Helps University Plan a “Greener” Future

A cooler roof for a sustainable future

When a class at Georgia Tech University was tasked with identifying ways to reduce carbon emissions on campus, Enduris roof coating helped make one team’s solution a reality. In their research, the students found that applying the 100% silicone, high-solids roof coating on the O. Lamar Allen Sustainable Education Building would give it a “cool roof”: absorbing less heat, and in turn, lowering HVAC use and helping to minimize its energy footprint.

The building was originally constructed in 1998 using the most up-to-date sustainable materials and practices available at the time. Nearly two decades later, the Georgia Tech students were ready to bring the building into the future by leading a roof restoration project with Enduris coating.

“Our research showed that Enduris roof coating would [help] deliver the results and savings we wanted.”

— Lindsey Ploussard, Student Team Leader, Georgia Tech University

Lasting durability for long-term savings

“At first, we imagined [the restoration] would only require a few buckets of white paint and applying it ourselves,” said Lindsey Ploussard, the team leader. “But as we researched, we realized that so much more goes into creating a cool roof—and for good reason.” The students discovered that for the project to be a worthwhile investment, they would need a coating that would absorb less heat, provide UV resistance, and offer water protection.

“Our research showed that Enduris roof coating would [help] deliver the results and savings we wanted”, said Ploussard.

The team presented a plan to the University with the Enduris coating spec—and it was funded. “Enduris coating was a perfect material choice for this project,” said Tom Portaro of NTEC Systems, the installing applicator. “The system is fast and simple to install. We have complete confidence that the finished product will exceed the [restoration] requirements.”

Exponential energy savings

Completed in 2017, the project is expected to result in a 4% building energy cost reduction ($4,600 in annual savings) and the offset of more than a million pounds of carbon over 20 years. In addition, the durable protection of Enduris coating is projected to extend the roof’s serviceable life by 10 years. The project earned the University media attention, and the students were invited to Washington, D.C., to discuss their work and the importance of scalability with Georgia Congressman John Lewis.

“This solution could help retrofit older buildings on campus and make them more ‘eco-friendly,’ which can preserve our history while helping Georgia Tech move toward a [more sustainable] future,” said Ploussard.

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