Momentive’s Sustainability Report

Momentive’s Sustainability Report

We are committed to sustainability.

We are committed to sustainability.

In August 2020, Momentive Performance Materials (“Momentive”), the manufacturer of the GE Silicones product line, released its 2019 Sustainability Report (the “Report”) – setting forth the progress made, and the steps being taken to achieve its long-term vision for a more sustainable world.

The Report outlines significant achievements by the group during 2019, including the cutting of energy use by 13.5%, greenhouse gas emissions by 13%, and water consumption by 10%.

The Report also looks ahead to the next 5 years, setting out the wider vision and strategy for enabling sustainability by driving continual improvement across every aspect of the business.

In the Report, Momentive President & CEO, Sam Conzone, PhD, explains:

“We will continue to elevate and integrate sustainability into Vision 2025, setting goals around energy consumption, waste, and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Enabling sustainability is not only the right thing for our business financially, but it is also the right thing to do socially. I am excited by the possibilities of a more sustainable future and by the impact Momentive can have.”

The Report examines the positive contribution of our silicone sealants and coatings to sustainability across the globe. This includes exploration of advancements in  green chemistry principles that underpin the company’s research and product development, as well as ongoing efforts toward the reduction of waste throughout a product’s lifecycle.

It also looks at the wider sustainability benefits our silicone solutions are enabling – such as extending the life of roofs around the world to help minimize the contribution of waste to landfills, and improving the efficiency of buildings to reduce energy consumption.

Furthermore, the Report sets forth a resolute sustainability vision wherein, “Momentive is committed to creating value by collaborating with customers to deliver innovative products, and by caring for our people, our communities, and the environment.” As part of this dedication, we have a firm focus on producing our products that not only meet customer needs, but also help address societal challenges and deliver environmental benefits.

To download the Report in its entirety, and find additional information about the Momentive sustainability program can be found at https://www.momentive.com/en-us/sustainability.

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