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Long Lasting Corrosion Protection for Melones Oil Terminals (Phase 2)

Long Lasting Corrosion Protection for Melones Oil Terminals (Phase 2)

Enduris™ Roof Coating used to repair oil storage tanks in the Panamá Bay.

Long Lasting Corrosion Protection

Enduris 100% silicone roof coating was chosen by the customer, Melones Oil Terminal Company, to repair 16 oil tanks located on Melones Island off the Pacific coast of Panama, and about 20 km from Panamá City. The second phase of repairs was started in January of 2023.

The tanks on the small island are constantly exposed to ocean winds and marine salinity. Daytime temperatures can reach up to 34°C and relative humidity can reach almost 95%. This severe marine environment, along with the time reaching the island by boat and the need to empty the tanks of oil, makes repairs difficult and expensive.

Enduris 3502 Coating and an oxide converter create a double barrier system to protect from the aggressive marine corrosion; and failed organic sealants in the joint of metal tanks and concrete base were replaced with Silpruf™ SCS2000 Sealant.

Enduris and Silpruf were selected for this project due to their long-term performance capabilities in extreme weather conditions, and due to the proactiveness of the accompanying technical support from the contractor Ingespro, a Authorized Applicator, and the local Momentive distributor, Megasilants. It is expected that the repair performance will be monitored annually.

Enduris 3500 applied to Melones Oil Terminal
Enduris 3500 coating applied to Melones Oil Terminal

Restore Confidently with Silicone

Daily temperature fluctuations and long-term UV exposure that roofs are exposed to can result in tremendous strain over time. Roofs will typically fail where dissimilar materials meet at penetrations, seams and edges. Minor structural issues can cause additional challenges such as poor drainage and ponding water.

Enduris 100% silicone roof coating can remains stable, flexible and virtually unaffected by daily and seasonal temperature extremes. It will not become brittle or harden as the system ages. The Enduris system offers exceptional, long-term performance.

The unique properties of silicone provide Enduris Roof Coating with an array of benefits, including:

  • High-solids formulation
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent durability
  • Outstanding elongation
  • One-coat application
  • Limited VOC

Add Decades to Roof Life

A seamless, stable and energy-efficient coating can dramatically extend roof life expectancy, delaying the need for a costly, time-consuming replacement project.

Silicone is inherently durable and permanently flexible. Unlike acrylic, polyolefin, asphaltic and carbon-based polymer chains, silicone is completely UV stable, offering the maximum long-term performance against weather and atmospheric conditions. The entire Enduris roof coating system is made from the same 100% silicone, allowing it to expand and contract at the same rate, helping prevent leaks that may result in mold, mildew, wood rot and rust. A white silicone coating also reflects the sun’s rays to allow better control of inside temperatures.

For over 50 years, professionals have trusted the Enduris Roof Coating family of products to deliver durable, long-lasting building solutions. The system offers a fast, efficient and economical alternative to roof replacement.

NOTE: Performance results are those of customer reported accounts, and are not to be relied upon as typical or expected under any other circumstances. Performance results will vary depending upon a number of process-related factors. Prospective customers should rely solely upon their own evaluative techniques to determine what processing parameters are attainable and optimal to their specific needs. Further note that Momentive Performance Materials products are not endorsed by or affiliated with any ownership authority of the Melones Oil Terminals.

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