A Year in Roofing – A Seasonal Guide to Roof Maintenance

A Year in Roofing – A Seasonal Guide to Roof Maintenance

Time takes toll on every roof! Proactive inspections and maintenance can help to minimize the risk of problems, while extending roof life.

Time takes its toll on every roof!

Prevention is always better (and cheaper) than the cure – and proactive inspections and regular maintenance can help to minimize the risk of serious problems, while extending the life of your roof.

As part of the general guidelines that follow, Chris Meyer, Application Development Engineer for our range of sealants, explores a year in roof maintenance – identifying things building owners should look out for, and what their contractors should be doing each season to protect their roof for the long term.

The Roof Inspection – What to Look For

Looking after your roof begins with regular inspections – and your contractor should be examining your roof periodically to check for issues.

In addition to inspecting the roof every spring and fall, they should also conduct a roof walk after every major storm, and whenever you’re having work done that involves notable activity and/or foot traffic on the roof (such as HVAC installs/servicing).

In addition to looking for obvious penetrations and damage to the roof, the contractor should pay particular attention to typical problem areas, including:

  • Drains – ensuring that they are clear of debris
  • Equipment – particularly the seals and edges around HVAC, vents, and telecommunications equipment
  • Edges – joins, seals, edges and protrusions, which are the highest risk areas for damage and leaks
  • Curbs and transitions – wherever there is a change in height or pitch, there will be a join or a seal that could be a weak point

Winter – Sit Tight Until Spring!

Even in the warmer parts of the country, winter isn’t the best time to be getting up on the roof!

As a rule of thumb, unless you have a problem or leak, you shouldn’t really be doing anything to the roof of your building during the colder, wetter, winter months.

If you do, however, have a leak or other issue that can’t wait until spring, then there are some solutions. Enduris™ roof coatings can be  easily applied in any season, and in temperatures right down to 0°F.

These coatings require no mixing or primers, and are rain ready in as little as 30 minutes – so contractors only need a small window of dry weather within which to apply them. Enduris Liquid Flashing can provide durable interim relief against small leaks and penetrations ahead of more comprehensive recoating in the spring.

Spring – Inspections, Clearance and Planning

Spring is the time for inspecting the roof and planning any major repairs and restoration work – so you can take advantage of the better weather. The best practice is to get up on the roof early, and fix problems before the spring showers begin.

The wet, windy winter weather can take its toll on a roof. During the spring inspection, contractors should check that the drains aren’t blocked – they can easily get clogged with debris, fallen leaves and small branches. As part of this, they should also look at the mesh screening to ensure there is nothing obstructing it – it’s amazing what can be found in there, and an errant sports ball can double as an effective stopper!

Blocked drains can result in water ponding on the roof – which will increase the likelihood of leaks and damage.

When walking the roof, contractors should also look out for any obvious damage or punctures. Fallen branches can easily puncture the substrate – and repairing these quickly using Enduris liquid flashing can help prevent the problem from worsening. Bird damage – caused by birds picking and scratching away at the roof, is another thing to beware of.

Summer – Major Work

Summer is peak roofing season in most of the country (the roofing season generally runs from May to October) – it’s the time to undertake any major repairs uncovered by your inspection earlier in the Spring.

If your contractor has found serious damage, you may be considering a roof replacement. In many cases, this may not be necessary. Restoration with Enduris roof coatings offers a quick, easy and cost-effective alternative to full replacement.

Enduris roof coatings are 100% silicone – a proven, lasting solution that can deliver the same performance as a new roof at a fraction of the cost. A single coat of Enduris roof coating can repair, protect and extend the life of your roof by decades, even in extreme environments.

Enduris roof coatings are also available with labor and material warranties of up to 20 years when the work is completed by an Enduris Authorized Applicator.

Fall – Preparing Your Roof For Winter

Autumn is the time to prepare your roof for the winter ahead. It’s the last chance to make repairs before the wet weather sets in.

With summer thunderstorms no longer a concern and hurricane season ending – it’s a good practice to check on how well your roof has survived those storms! Remove debris, clear the build-up of autumn leaves, and make repairs where required. Your contractor will also need to again check that the drains can run freely.

The goal here is to ensure your roof is watertight, leak free and ready to handle the winter weather.

Using a Trusted Enduris Authorized Applicator

Roofing work and inspections are always best left to professional contractors. When it comes to looking after your building for the long term, you can put your trust in a Enduris Authorized Applicators.

The Enduris Authorized Applicator program is our gold standard for roofing contractors. All Authorized Applicators have gone through extensive product training and accreditation. Choose one of our Authorized Applicators and you know you are getting an experienced, high quality contractor that knows how to repair and protect your roof over the long term using  Enduris products.

We are so confident in our Enduris Authorized Applicators, that we offer exclusive, extended warranties that cover both materials and labor, and are available for every project.

Ask your contractor about the Enduris Approved Applicator program today.

Why Replace When you can Restore – with Enduris Coating

Protect and extend the life of your roof while improving energy efficiency and performance, with Enduris 100% silicone roof coatings. For restoration on a wide range of substrates, one coat of GE Enduris roof coating offers proven performance, even in the toughest environments.

For additional information about Enduris Roof Coatings, please visit our Roof Coating page.

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