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GE Enduris

Liquid Flashing Sausage Packs

Complete roofing projects faster and easier.

Enduris Liquid Flashing

Perfect for covering fasteners, GE Enduris Liquid Flashing is now packaged in foil sausages to use with bulk and special nozzle. Load your gun and go!

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Sealing fastener heads on metal roofs used to be a time consuming task that was hard on your back.

GE Enduris Liquid Flashing sausage packs make it quicker and easier for your crews to focus on the fasteners.

GE Enduris Liquid Flashing is 100% silicone that delivers effective repairs and long-term protection to virtually all types of roofing substrates, in any environment. A single application will seal fastener heads, cracks and seams. It’s perfect for urgent repairs ahead of recoating with GE Enduris coating.

Keep a case handy for repairs

Save time, labor & cost
Apply all year round

Save time, labor and cost

Forget individually coating fastener heads with a brush. Cut time and labor costs on every project. Simply put a sausage into the bulk gun with Albion spotpro nozzle and start working.

Apply all year round

Apply throughout the year in temperatures ranging from 0°F to 120°F (-17°C to 49°C). Avoid costly project delays and keep your service departments and crews working throughout the winter.

Need help or advice?

Get expert advice from one of our roofing specialists, or speak with your local sales representative today.

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Protect and extend roof life with GE Enduris 100% silicone roof coatings. For new constructions and restoration on a wide range of substrates, GE Enduris coatings are backed by 20 years of guaranteed protection, under the GE Approved Applicator Programme, even in extremely demanding environments.

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