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Contractor Application Momentive Roofing Program From

About Your Business

About Your Work

What percentage of your work do you do for the four following types of work?
How many years experience do you have with each of the six following products?
What percentage of work is taken up by each of the six following products?
Which of these customers have you served? You can select multiple.
Please fill in the four fields below for each of your applicators:
Applicator One
Applicator Two
Applicator Three
Applicator Four
Applicator Five
What was the total square feet of coatings applied for each of the following years?

Other Information

Please specify in the box below the promotional actives you do/have done/plan to do for the following area:
Direct mailers, telemarketing, advertising, trade shows, lunch & learns, or other.
For example: Currently we do direct mailers, we have in the past done telemarketing and trade shows, we plan in the future to do lunch and learns.

Thank You For Your Time

Applicant has provided the above information to Momentive Performance Materials (MPM) for MPM to evaluate Applicant for Authorized Applicator. Applicant understands that submitting this application for review is just one component of qualification, and grants to applicant no rights of any kind, expressed or implied. Applicant further understands that in the event MPM recognizes the company as an Authorized Applicator, it is not permitted to hold itself out as GE Silicones Authorized Applicator until the Authorized Applicator Agreement has been signed by both MPM and Applicant.
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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